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24 InsideGNSS J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 WEBINAR RECAP » OPTIMIZING GNSS+INS PERFORMANCE » ADVANCEMENTS IN GNSS+INS TECHNOLOGY AND INTEGRATION G NSS-only positioning and navigating capabilities can become unreliable or even at times impossible when satellites are obstructed by things like trees or buildings. Inertial Navigation System (INS) solutions also have drawbacks in terms of drifting issues over time in the absence of an external reference. That's why it's critical to be aware of recent significant advancements in GNSS and INS technology integration. Today, when combined, the two navigation techniques augment and enhance each other to create a powerful positioning system. This integration is pushing the performance thresh- olds to levels unimagined only a few short years ago. The absolute position and velocity accuracy of GNSS is used to compensate for the errors in the IMU measurements and the stable relative position of the INS can be used to bridge through times when the GNSS solution is de- graded or unavailable. These advancements in GNSS+INS technology and integration as well as some of the top solutions available today were the focus of a recent webinar presented by Inside GNSS, Inside Unmanned Systems and NovAtel. The "Advancements in GNSS+INS Technology and Integration" webinar took place in June and can now be viewed on-de- mand. One takeaway was that great performance is indeed now achievable with the latest MEMS IMUs, but that users should be informed—IMU selection remains critical and INS algorithms will differentiate performance. The webinar moderator is Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, pro- fessor, Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics, University Significant advancements in GNSS and INS technology in the past few years are pushing the performance thresholds to levels unimagined only a few short years ago. Today, the concepts and methods available to optimize GNSS+INS performance in specifi c applications—including fi xed wheel land vehicles, urban canyons and even parking garages—are steadily evolving and providing tre- mendous benefi ts. by Stan Goff sponsored by

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