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SEP-OCT 2018

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Page 34 of 67 S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 Inside GNSS 35 projects ongoing with research councils, govern- ment organiza- tions and private companies at the same time." Anna Jensen's face, voice, and works will be familiar to any- one who's anyone in the GNSS com- munity. She has appeared, spoken and otherwise contributed to many international projects, conferences and events, and her influence continues to grow at the time of this writing. Looking Back is Looking Forward All these years later, Anna's experiences as a child are still at the forefront of her mind, imprinted on her character. "I do still enjoy fixing things in the house and garden," she said, "and since my father passed away it seems like I'm the one in the family who is most comfortable with a ham- mer or drill. "I remember when my mother initiated a competition between me and my sister on who had the tidiest room. I won several weeks in a row, until my sister decided to opt out of the competition all together. Well, my home is still 'techno- logically tidy' today, in the sense that all cables and power cords are nailed down and under control" (just like in all the best laboratories)." And she remains very family-oriented. "My sister is one year younger than I am, and I have a brother who is eight years younger. How much of a direct impact they may have had on my life choices is hard to say, but I have asked and continue to ask for their opinions and advice in connection with job changes, for example, or other challenges. We have good relationships and oen go on vacation together, and we see each other for birthdays and such. I am also very close to my sister's children, who are now teenagers. "I do work a lot," she said, "but when there is time off I mostly spend it with family and friends, or go for a walk or run." Yes, the pull of the great outdoors remains strong on her Nordic blood. "In the winter I like skiing, and in the summer my favorite thing is a hiking trip in Norway or Sweden." And even the childhood music lessons, which her moth- er insisted on, still resonate. "I took piano lessons again a few years ago and was surprised at how easy it was to re- learn. I still play occasionally today and I still love to go to concerts." Sing on, singer. Play on, drummer. Dr. Jensen on a working trip in Canada. FALL GNSS COURSES in Europe and the U.S. December 4-7, 2018, Hyatt Merrifield, Virginia ESTEC/ESA, Noordwijk, November 26–28 557: Inertial Systems, Kalman Filtering, and GPS/INS Integration. Instructors: Dr. Alan Pue and Mr. Michael Vaujin. +1-703-256-8900 • 800-628-0885 Contact Carolyn McDonald at The Hemisphere Vector V123/V133 Smart Antenna Your ONE source for GNSS products and solutions +1-703-256-8900 • 800-628-0885 A multi-GNSS heading solution Atlas® L-band and Beacon (V133) capable 0.3 degree heading accuracy Sub-meter DGPS accuracy Integrated gyroscope for smooth, fast heading reacquistion Rugged for harsh environments Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna, with Atlas ® ! NavtechGPS brings you ... Contact us for details 346: GPS/GNSS Operations for Engineers and Technical Professionals. Instructor: Dr. Chris Hegarty. December 10-14, 2018, Hyatt Merrifield, Virginia 551: Using Advanced GPS/GNSS Signal and Systems, In-Depth. Instructor: Dr. John Betz. 336: GNSS Operations for Engineers. Instructor: Dr. Chris Hegarty. Two days of GPS/GNSS fun- damentals; one day of differential GPS/GNSS. Open only to NATO member-country citizens. Washington, DC Area, December Courses A Two-Week Series for those who want more!

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