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12 InsideGNSS N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 C hristopher Hegarty's father was born and grew up in Boston. He is 100% Irish, and both of his parents were born in Ireland, Hegarty told us. Christopher's mother was also born and grew up in Boston. She is 100% Italian, and both of her parents were born in Italy. "My father came from humble beginnings," Hegarty said. "His father was a day- laborer and his mother worked as a seamstress. My mother's father worked as a chef in Boston." From Whence He Came "My parents met as teenag- ers," Hegarty said, "when my father spotted my mother as he was checking groceries at a supermarket." Coming from differ- ent "communities" and all, would the sharp-eyed youngsters, when the folks realized where all this was heading, have faced any obstacles (see "Mon- tagues and Capulets")? "My parents were married in the late '50s," Hegarty explained. "ey've told many stories about their younger days, but I don't recall anything about the families clashing. I think in Bos- ton the Irish and Italians were pretty familiar communi- ties by then." And we can confirm that they remain so today. What a festive time it must have been when the two sides came together for the wed- ding! It worked out in the end for Chris- topher's parents. Cutting to the chase, his parents graduated with bachelor's degrees from Boston-area colleges. His father went on to become a surgeon, no less, having partially paid for his As anyone who's been there knows, Boston is one of the best places in America for home- grown Italian cooking. And the city is also home to one of the world's greatest St. Patrick's Day parades. Another slightly lesser known but no less impressive product of the Boston melting pot is top-flight GNSS man Christopher Hegarty. Christopher Hegarty Never a Dull Moment HUMAN ENGINEERING PETER GUTIERREZ HUMAN ENGINEERING

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