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Page 48 of 59 N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 InsideGNSS 49 and, consequently, such events shall be logged and reported to authorized per- sonnel. Figure 23 proposes an E1/L1 spec- trogram generated by the BLUEGNSS sentinel installed within the airport of Larnaca. •is picture shows the pres- ence of an anomalous RF interference at the L1 frequency that caused a tem- porary loss of GPS signal with a con- sequent degradation of GPS and GPS/ EGNOS ser v ice per forma nce. This anomaly can be noted in the spectro- gram of Figure 23, corresponding to the central frequency and in the time slot of 16.00÷18.00. Indeed, an increase of power density of ~10dB (red peaks) is visible. Such interfering events were also con'rmed by pilot reports on GPS loss in the Nicosia FIR within the peri- od March-April 2018. Achieved Results and Conclusions •e following list contains a brief sum- mary of the most significant results achieved at the end of the BLUEGNSS project. • BLUEGNSS monitoring network is fully operative 24/7. • Reports are available (to registered u s er s) on BLU E -M E D we b sit e ( • GNSS Italian reports were used as Performance Assessment Reference by Italian CAA (ENAC) to approve GPS-based procedures without any additional mitigation (ENAC letter of March 16, 2018, No. ENAC-VDG- 16/03/2018-0028476-P). • Interference events detected by Kos and Larnaca GNOME sentinels were con'rmed by pilot reports on GPS loss in the Nicosia FIR during some days in March and April 2018 (see the following links): FIGURE 22 GPS/Galileo frequency plan, from Galileo OS-SIS-ICD (see EU in Additional Resources) Galileo Navigation Bands GPS Navigation Bands Lower L-Band Upper L-Band 960 1164 1176.45 1191.795 1207.14 1215 1237 1260 1278.75 1300 1559 1563 1575.42 1587 1591 1610 Your positioning cornerstone ACCURATE, RELIABLE & ROBUST GNSS MORE COMPACT THAN EVER

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