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50 InsideGNSS N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 BLUEGNSS - European Parliament: http://www.europarl. do?type=WQ&reference=E- 2018-001794&language=EN; - European Commission answer http://www.europarl. 001794&language=EN; - Cyprus information channel: vostoku-ot-kipra-samolety- nachali-teryat-gps-signal.html. In conclusion, BLUEGNSS is the first project of its kind to be coordinated at the FAB level. It may serve as a catalyst to spread RNP APCH know-how in the region and beyond, to the whole of Europe. Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank the entire team of DCAC, HCAA, MATS, ENAV, GSA, EC, and IDS that actively collabo- rated for the success of each phase of the BLUEGNSS project. The author's are also grateful for funding from the Euro- pean GNSS Agency under the European Un ion's Hor i z on 2020 research and innovation program under grant agree- ment No. 687198. Additional Resources 1. BLUE MED Portal: http://www.bluemed. aero/nodo.php?id=326 2. EDAS link: http:// egnos/edas/technical- information 3. EGSC link: status/orbital-and-technical-parameters 4. EU, European GNSS (Galileo) Open service, SIS ICD, Issue: 1.2, November 2015 5. EUREF link: 6. European GSA, EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS), Service Definition Document, Issue: 2.1, December 2014 7. GPS Interface Control Document, IS-GPS-200F 8. ICAO, Annex 10, Vol.1, Amend. 89 (13 Nov. 2014), Aeronautical Telecommunications – Radio Navigation Aids, 6th Ed., 2006 9. ICAO Doc-9849, Global Navigation Satellite Sys- tem (GNSS) Manual, 3rd Ed., 2017 10. IGS-MGEX link: 11. IGS products link: 12. Kaplan, E. D. and Hegarty, C. J., Understanding GPS – Principle and Application, Artech House, 2nd Ed., 2006 13. Konaktchiev, I. and Butzmuehlen, C., "APV WG/ EGNOS SIS Validation Sub-group – Agenda Item 4: First Glance Algorithm Description," Eurocontrol, 2nd meeting, October 2005 14. Misra, P., Burke, B. P., and Pratt, M. M., "GPS Per- formance in Navigation," Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume: 87, Issue: 1, January 1999 15. Montenbruck, O., Steigenberger, P., and Haus- child, A., "Broadcast versus Precise Ephemerides: A Multi-GNSS Perspective," GPS Solutions, Volume: 19, Issue: 2, April 2015 16. Pellegrini, V., Principe, F., Tomei, A., Mori, M., Natali, M., and Cioni, R., "The GNSS Operative Monitoring Equipment (GNOME): An SDR-Based Solution for Integrity Assurance," Proceedings of NAVITEC 2012, ESTEC Noordwijk (The Nether- lands), December 2012 17. Phelts, R. E., Gao, G. X., Wong, G., Heng, L., Wal- ter, T., Enge, P., Erker, S., Thoelert, S., and Meurer, M., "Aviation Grade – New GPS Signals, Chips Off the Block IIF," Inside GNSS, July 2010 18. RT/2016/028, BLUEGNSS Project – D810.1: GNSS Performance and Interference Assessment Parameters Study Report, IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. 19. Samson, J., "EGNOS v. 3 site RF requirements," Technical Report ESA-DTEN-NF-TN/03441, ESA, September 2015 20. Schmid, R., Rothacher, M., Thaller, D., and Stei- genberger, P., "Absolute Phase Center Corrections of Satellite and Receiver Antennas," GPS Solutions, Volume: 9, Issue: 4, November 2005 21. US Nav. Cen. link: http://www.navcen.uscg. gov/?pageName=gpsAlmanacs 22. Wong, G., Phelts, R. E., Walter, T., and Enge, P., "Characterization of Signal Deformations for GPS and WAAS Satellites," Proceedings of the 23rd International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Divi- sion of The Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS 2010), Portland, OR, September 2010 FIGURE 23 Example of E1/L1 spectrogram (achieved in Max-Hold mode) produced by the monitoring sentinel installed within Lar- naca airport Time (h) Frequency (MHz) Power Spectral Density (dB m ) 1560.42 2 1580.42 6 10 14 1600.42 18 22 –110 –115 –120 –125 –110 –120 –130 Acronyms ACC Area Control Center APCH Approach ATC Air Traffic Control ATCO Air Traffic Control Officers ATM Air Traffic Management ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider DCAC Department of Civil Aviation of Cyprus E-GNSS European GNSS EANPG European Air Navigation Planning Group EDAS EGNOS Data Access Service (https://www.gsa. EGSC European GNSS Service Centre (https://www. status/Constellation- Information) EUREF European Reference Frame (http://www. FAB Functional Airspace Block GBAS Ground-Based Augmentation System GNOME GNSS Operative Monitoring Equipment GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System GSA European GNSS Agency HCAA Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi IGS/MGEX International GNSS Service/Multi-GNSS Experiment (http://mgex. Products.php) KPI Key Performance Indicator MATS Malta Air Traffic Services NavCen Navigation Center of US Coast Guard (https:// PANS-OPS Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircra OPerationS PBN Performance-Based Navigation RNP Required Navigation Performance SARPs Standards And Recommended Practices SBAS Satellite-Based Augmentation System SiS Signal-in-Space

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