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6 InsideGNSS N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 52 Working Papers Innovative Test System for GNSS Signal Performance Analysis | Part 2 Daniel Simon Maier, omas Kraus, Daniela Elizabeth Sánchez Morales, Ronny Blum, and Prof. omas Pany is second part presents the authors' experience in setting up an airborne pseudolite (UAVlite) with the needed ground-based infrastructure to perform code and phase ranging performance analysis. UAVlites transmit GNSS-like signals free from any local transmitter multipath (in contrast to ground-based transmitters) and can in principle be localized in real-time through a synchronized network of ground stations which may also broadcast the UAVlite positions in real-time.ions to external so•ware by means of traditional format output standards are also presented and validated with real-life signals. DEPARTMENTS 10 Thinking Allowed Forward Into the Future Stan Go• 58 Advertisers Index 58 GNSS Timeline Calendar of Events TABLE OF CONTENTS Defeat GPS threats to airborne assets. No signal degradation. Every asset you put into the sky can face increasingly sophisticated jamming threats to its GPS signal. Deny those threats and keep your signal strong with our Digital GPS Anti-jam Receiver (DIGAR). It gives any airborne platform superior nulling and beamforming GPS for assured PNT. Multiple configurations make DIGAR simpler than ever to integrate. Protect your mission-critical functions so you can stay in the fight. © 2018 Rockwell Collins. All rights reserved.

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