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28 Inside GNSS N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7 mercial Service going to be free or is it going to be delivered for a fee," Jean said. " S i n c e t h e b e g i n n i n g o f t he year, we at t h e C o m m i s - sion have been c h a n g i n g o u r minds and we think that now we have to go more in the direction of a free service, and we want to convince our member states to change their minds too. It's an internal discussion, it's an institutional discussion. But we expect to take a deci- sion quite quickly, in order not to post- pone the procurement situation." Jean said signs show Galileo's com- petitors, in Japan for sure and perhaps in China, are likely to launch their own high-accuracy, CS-like services in the near future, and for free. So not only is it in Galileo's interest to offer a free ser- vice, but also to do it quickly, to be the first to put such a service on the market. "What exactly is the asset if we are not doing it first?" Jean asked rhetorically. He also cited the estimates men- tioned by des Dorides, showing a negli- gible revenue stream for a fee-based ser- vice. "e income would be something like one percent of the actual Galileo budget, and for that we would lose the advantage of being the first to offer a free commercial service?" That's not to say that there aren't voices opposing the move. There has already been significant investment laid out on building a CS based on incom- ing revenues, particularly among pri- vate companies."I do understand the concerns of member states," Jean said, "because they have been building a sys- tem with companies, and all of a sud- den we are changing our minds, aer so many years. Perhaps we will need to do some arbitration in order to manage the expectations of the companies that have been working on the system in the last two-three years." e pressure is real, Jean said; "What we are discussing is a key parameter, and when you go around, to events like this one in Tallinn, you can see it, you can feel it. ere is a high level of expectation that the CS should provide a quality of service that is not offered by the Open Service (OS). So, it's a problem of credibility. And the fact that there is an Open Service creates the expectation that the Commercial Service is going to come very quickly aerwards." "You have been following what we do for a long period of time, so you can guess that we now need to take a deci- sion very quickly." And yet, he said, the details of what the final product will look like are still not clear. "It's not going to be with a fee for everything, but it will not be free for everything either, but some- thing in between. I'm not expert in that, but we have understood there is a pos- sibility to make a distinction between what is free and what is fee-based." Once the fee-free question and some further details about how authentica- BRUSSELS VIEW Philippe Jean 0.1° Roll & Pitch 0.2° Heading 2 cm RTK » Immune to magnetic disturbances » L1/L2 GNSS receiver Ellipse-D Dual GNSS/INS Inertial Navigation System » Accurate heading even under low dynamics » Post-processing

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