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32 Inside GNSS N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7 the audience at the business roundtable, "Europe is the best place in the world to start a business." at's a claim that might have been disputed by Rainer Sternfeld, founder of Planet OS, had he chosen to speak up at that moment. Instead, he waited until he was asked a separate question, to which he answered, "Europe is a big market and very quality-oriented, but it's not always the best for young companies." Sternfeld is, by the way, a Europe- an, who went off to America to start an extremely successful high-tech company. We spoke to him aer the roundtable and asked him to elaborate. "If you want to be a good chef you have to go to France," he said. "ere's this place Silicon Valley and you just have to go there. We went there because of the market and the investors and the understanding of how to build these kinds of new-value businesses. And I wanted to push myself, you know, to the edge." Sternfeld volunteered more, saying, "If you really want to look critically at Europe, then, depending on your busi- ness, sometimes it's like, OK you have 500 million people in Europe but it's so dis- tributed across these different countries and it's not easy to trade because every country will very oen have its own rules, even if you have free trade and now the European Union has a single market. In the U.S. you have one big market, so just knock yourself out. "One example," he continued, "you can ship wine very easily from one coun- try to another all over Europe, but with digital it's a little different. Say if you want to buy a song on iTunes, then in the U.S. I can be wherever I want, but Europe has put a system in place that basically forbids the free movement of such services. at's a simple example, and in satellite data or data in general there are similar things." So, Europe still has a way to go when it comes to removing these types of borders. Nägemist Tallinn We leave Estonia with a positive message from des Dorides: "We are coming very soon now to the start of the debate on the space budget. It will not be an easy debate, first of all because of Brexit. But I feel that space has a favorable future. I sense the EU does believe in space a nd t he for t h- com i ng bud get will be consistent with this." Galileo is delivering the expected results, he said. e program's mid-term review was positive, and the other EU space initiatives are also viewed favor- ably. e days of the doubters seem well and truly gone. e ESA budget, des Dorides pointed out, has remained relatively stable in recent years, while the EU has grown its space budget significantly. "We are in a position to be positive about space in Europe," he concluded. And, all things considered, yes, so are we, until next time. BRUSSELS VIEW Rainer Sternfeld Navigation jamming and spoofing threats are growing. Be ready. Adversaries jam and spoof GPS signals at will. Seize the advantage with Rockwell Collins' high-assurance military navigation protection and augmentation solutions. Our advanced, proven and reliable high-assurance PNT is ready for any mission. © 2017 Rockwell Collins. All rights reserved. HIGH-ASSURANCE MILITARY PNT

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