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MAR-APR 2018

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Page 46 of 67 M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 8 Inside GNSS 47 utilizes a LORD MicroStrain 3DM-GX4- 25 industrial-class IMU-sensor from LORD Sensing, Williston, Vermont. A Septentrio AstRx3 HDC receiver from Septentrio, Leuven, Belgium and Tor- rance, California, provided the required GNSS observables with an update rate of 10 hertz. Additional resources [1] BDStar Navigation BeiDou Application the Omni-Directional Service Business. Bdstar Navi- gation BeiDou Application the Omni-Directional Service Business, 2017. [2] Breuer, M., T. Konrad, and D. Abel. High Precision Localization in Customized GNSS Receiver for Rail- way Applications. In Proceedings of the 29th Inter- national Technical Meeting of The Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+ 2016), 2016. [3] Collins, J., Assessment and Development of a Tropospheric Delay Model for Aircraft Users of the Global Positioning System. In M.Sc.E. thesis, Depart- ment of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Techni- cal Report No. 203, 1999. [4] Farrell, J., Aided Navigation: GPS with High Rate Sensors. McGraw-Hill, Inc., 2008. [5] Gehrt, J-J, T. Konrad, J. Lin, M. Breuer, D. Abel, and R. Zweigel. High Precision Localization with Dual- Constellation for Railway Applications. In Proceed- ings of the 2018 International Technical Meeting of The Institute of Navigation, 2018. [6] Grewal, M. S., L. R. Weill, and A. P. Andrews. Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation, and Integration. John Wiley & Sons, 2007. [7] Hahn, J. H., and E. D. Powers. Implementation of the GPS to Galileo Time Offset (GGTO). In Pro- ceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and Exposition, 2005., pages 5 pp.–, Aug 2005. [8] Kaplan, E., and C. Hegarty. Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications. 2006. [9] Konrad, T., M. Breuer, T. Engelhardt, and D. Abel. State Estimation for a Multirotor Using Tight-Cou- pling of GNSS and Inertial Navigation. In 20th IFAC World Congress. Elsevier B.V., 2017. [10] Lohberger, J., www.leo, Chiemgauer Lokalbahn e.V., 2018. [11] Zweigel, R., J-J. Gehrt, and D. Abel. Galileo Online: Go! Entwicklung Eines Hochgenauen, Satellitenbasierten Navigationsempfängers Mit Integrierter Kommunikationslösung Speziell Für Bahnanwendungen. In 1st International Railway Symposium Aachen, 2017. Authors Jan-Jöran Gehrt is a research associate at the Institute of Automatic Control at R W TH Aachen University and member of the Galileo research group. His research activities focus on Galileo-based localization and sensor fusion techniques for different applications such as railway and vessels. René Zweigel is senior scientist at RW TH Aachen University's Institute of Automatic Control and project manager of the project Galileo Online: GO!. His research team develops satel- lite-based navigation systems for autonomous driving and navigation, which include applications for automobiles, railways, ves- sels, multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles, and more. Thomas Konrad is a research associate at the Institute of Automatic Control at R W TH Aachen University and group manager of the Energy research group. His PhD-research activi- ties focus on high precision and robust GNSS-based navigation and advanced con- trol for multirotor-based unmanned aerial vehicles. Dirk Abel is a full professor and the director of the Institute of Automatic Control at R W TH Aachen University. His method- o l o g i c a l i n t e r e s t s i n c l u d e model predictive control (MPC) as well as rapid control proto- typing (RCP), among others. Precise and reliable … with an attitude GNSS/INS solutions with AsteRx-i

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