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16 Inside GNSS M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 8 Sorely Missed at PLANS T his year's IEEE/ION Position Loca- tion and Navigation Symposium (PLANS) in Monterey, California from April 23-26 was another stellar educa- tional event, but Per Enge, as usual was expected to play a role and he was pic- tured in the program as a session chair. Wednesday's technical sessions start- ed off on a somber note, however, as Dr. Per Enge, who passed away earlier that week, had been scheduled to be a co- chair of Session D3: on Aerial Vehicle Raw Measurements Taskforce will share their experiences around the use of raw measurements at a dedicated workshop — GNSS Raw Measurements: From research to commercial use — to be held at the GSA headquarters in Prague on May 30. ere are several advantages to using GNSS raw measurements in smart- phones and IoT devices. Use of these measurements can lead to increased GNSS performance, as they open the door to more advanced GNSS process- ing techniques that, until recently, have been restricted to more professional GNSS receivers. Android GNSS Raw Measurements in Practice Several application areas stand to profit from this increased accuracy, such as augmented reality, location-based adver- tising, mobile health and asset manage- ment. e raw measurements also make it possible to optimize multi-GNSS solu- tions and to select satellites or constel- lations based on their performances or differentiators. At the Prague workshop, experts from the GSA and the Raw Measure- ments Taskforce, which includes GNSS experts, scientists and GNSS market players, will share their experience of raw measurements use. Discussions at the event will cover: • Contributions from Taskforce mem- bers on four following topics: • High accuracy position provision, Educational applications, Testing and performance optimization, and Robustness increase; • Google`s vision on advanced location services • Future outlook for high accuracy in mass market including Galileo con- tribution. If interested in learning more about the topics mentioned above, come join the experts at GSA HQ in Prague on May 30. e GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce is dedicated to promoting the wider use of GNSS raw measurements. Membership is open to anybody inter- ested in GNSS raw measurements; to join the Taskforce contact: market@gsa. 360 DEGREES Remembering Per Enge Glen Gibbons, editor emeritus, Inside GNSS My fondest memories of Per Enge find us sitting in the lobby of the gemütli- ches Hotel Excelsior, our mutual accommodations of choice while attending the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit. (at venue and Per's birthplace in Bergen, Norway, a ord away from the Osteroy origins of my wife's family, were two of the primary non-GNSS things that we had in common.) In that hotel lobby, while he waited for Todd or Juan or Sherman or one of his other Stanford University colleagues, I would solicit from Per his thoughts on the most interesting things that he had come across at the conference. At which point, the deceptive ami- ability would drop away, his eyes would take on a reflective intensity, and Per would unfailingly deliver a thoughtful distil- lation of news, technical presentations, and conver- sations that he had heard there. All of which — the good humor and the good counsel — I will deeply miss now that Per's time with us has come to an end with his death on April 22. ose were the qualities that led me to invite him to join the Editorial Advisory Council of Inside GNSS when we launched the mag- azine in 2005. And Per never failed me in that role. I leave it to others to fill in the details of Per's professional accomplishments, his numerous awards and honors (from the Institute of Navigation's Johannes Kepler Award to the Air Force GPS Hall of Fame), and his technical achievements (such as a leading role in supporting the technical underpinnings of the FAA's ground- and satellite-based GPS augmentation systems). Expertise — however influential and extensive — is a commodity in this mod- ern world. Human character is, as it always has been, a more hard-won virtue. It takes a lifetime to achieve, and, in this realm, Per excelled. He was forthright in opinion, generous in praise, gentle in conduct. e technical details of the numerous Inside GNSS articles that Per co-authored are already fading from my memory. But I will always remember his championing of the accomplishments of his peers and the promise of the many students that he mentored. Per's enduring legacy will be found in the passages that he has written into the professional — and, I daresay, personal — lives of his many friends and colleagues scattered across the world of positioning, navigation, and time. Per Enge presenting the 2016 Institute of Navigation's Bradford Parkinson Award for Graduate Student Excellence in Global Navigation Satellite Systems to Emily McMilin, one of his doctoral students at Stanford University. Photo by Melanie Beus.

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