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The RSR GNSS Transcoder™ allows retrofitting of ANY legacy GPS receiver to next- generation A-PNT capability, simply by replacing the GPS antenna. Gluelessly. The Transcoder can take any NMEA baseband PNT/PVT signal from any positioning source and convert this to a GPS L1 RF antenna signal in real-time. This allows retrofitting of any GPS system with Mil-GPS assured capability as well as CSAC atomic clock holdover capability, INS positioning, as well as detecting- and mitigating jamming and spoofing events with its internal GPS- FireWall capability. Making your existing equipment compliant with A-PNT requirements has never been easier. Assured PNT Solutions Products for Mounted, Dis-mounted, and Airborne applications, and solutions for Legacy Equipment retrofit. RSR Transcoder™: no more worries about A-PNT compliance. Add SAASM, M-Code, CSAC, and INS capability to any legacy GPS Receiver. Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. Tel: +1 (702) 233-1334 • • Email: => Jackson Labs Tech. is shipping the industries' first integrated SAASM/OCXO/CSAC module in quantity today, with a demonstrated upgrade path to M-code. => The Ruggedized Low Noise Rubidum GNSS reference can track up to three concurrent GNSS systems, and provides sub 500ns holdover capability/24Hrs with up to -114dBc/Hz @ 1Hz noise. Select from over 38 different product types to fit your application. Our references are highly customizable, cover a large application variety, and are very cost effective. The SAASM HD CSAC GPSDO and the FireFly-IIA SAASM have been granted Security Approvals by the Global Positioning System Directorate. Rugged, Battle-Proven Timing- and Frequency-References with deep sub microsecond/day holdover. Time and Frequency: Cesium, Rubidium, and OCXO references with Concurrent GNSS, SAASM, or M-Code disciplining.

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