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42 Inside GNSS M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 8 GRICAS sends it to the ELT(DT) prototype. e ELT(DT) prototype receives the trigger and starts transmitting a distress signal with the relevant activation method encoded in the Rotating Field #1. The MEOLUT receives and processes the signal. It computes in real time a single a nd mu lti-burst independent loca- tion and delivers the alerts to the test ground engineer. Finally, aer 5 to 20 minutes (depending on the test case), the pilot flies again under the threshold altitude, the BAL checks that the pilot is in control, then computes a cancellation trigger, the beacon starts transmitting a cancellation message. e cancellation messages were well received, processed and delivered to the test ground engi- neer by the MEOLUT. Results e independent localization accuracy of the ELT(DT) prototy pe based on Cospas-Sarsat second generation wave form is very good, with single-burst accuracy at 90% of 800 meters and at 95% of 850 meters. It is significantly better than the target performances for second generation beacon specified in Cospas-Sarsat documents: 5 kilometers @ 90% and 13 better than the perfor- mance obtained for an ELT based on first generation wave form. In the case of the Final Commer- cial aircra tests, the flights took place outside of the declared Coverage Area of the French MEOLUT (Toulouse, Trial Test aircraft average vertical speed average altitude Single- burst detection rate Localization rate ELT(DT) SGB location accuracy ELT FGB location accuracy Specification ELT(DT)l Cessna 182 180 km/h 1000m 100% 100% 800m @ 95% 8km @ 95% 5km @ 90% Helicopter AS 350 B2 110km/h 900m 75% 80% 1.6km @ 95% - 5km @ 90% RLS Cessna 182 180 km/h 1000m 100% 93% 600m @ 95% - 5km @ 90% Commercial aircraft Falcon 20 800 km/h 10 000m 100% 95% 360m @ 95% 11.7km @95% 5km @ 90% Final Commercial aircraft ATR42 500 km/h 7 000m 98% 76% 730m @95% - 5km @ 90% Table 2 Results FIGURE 9 GRICAS demonstration equipment installed inside the Falcon 20 (flight trial 4) Scenario ID Description History Cessna 182 Falcon 20 AS 350 B2 Scenario 1 Test Crash – Single Event On-ground (on-board test aircraft) Not performed Scenario 2 Automatic trigger by avionics – Automatic trigger logic AF 447 (stall) MS 804 (Fire) In-flight In-flight Scenario 3 Communication inhibition between avionics and beacon MH 370 On-ground (on-board test aircraft) Not performed Scenario 4 Flight crew manual activation AF 447 MS 804 In-flight In-flight Scenario 5 RLM remote activation MH 370 In-flight Not performed Scenario 6 Beacon GNSS inhibition – Spoofing Piracy In-flight Not performed Table 1 Scenarios

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