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Page 64 of 67 M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 8 Inside GNSS 65 NovAtel Demonstrates Precise Positioning Using the Teseo APP and Teseo V Automotive GNSS Chipsets from STMicroelectronics N ovAtel, part of Hexagon's Position- ing Intelligence Division, has inte- grated its high-precision positioning engine and correction services with the world's first automotive-grade multi- frequency GNSS chipsets, the STMi- croelectronics Teseo APP (Automotive Precise Positioning) and Teseo V. The integ rat ion demonst rates future possibilities with regard to vehicle localization solutions. STMi- croelectronics's Teseo APP and Teseo V provide multi-frequency GNSS data for PPP (Precise Point Position- ing) and RTK (Real Time Kinematic) for accurate positioning capabilities. e Teseo APP features built-in integ- rity checking for use in safety-critical systems, whereas Teseo V is used for non-safety-critical precise positioning applications. NovAtel's positioning engine combines the GNSS measure- ments from these chipsets with Iner- tial Measurement Unit (IMU) data and Hexagon PPP correction services on the demonstration platform to deliver centimeter-level PPP positioning solu- tions in real-time. "Working closely with STMicro- electronics using their Teseo APP chip- set allowed us to innovate and speed up the development of our assured positioning solution tailored specifi- cally for safe positioning of autono- mous vehicles," said Jonathan Auld, VP Engineering and Safety Critical Systems from NovAtel. NovAtel's positioning engine archi- tecture enables a flexible integration with different GNSS receiver chipsets, IMUs, and processor environments, providing automotive manufactur- ers with additional flexibility when it comes to selecting components and subsystems of Advanced Driver Assis- tance Systems (ADAS) and autono- mous driving solutions, according to the company. e positioning engine is being developed to ASIL-B stan- dards according to ISO26262 and will include a proprietary GNSS integrity solution to ensure safe positioning within defined protection limits that are tailored to the customer's applica- tion requirements. "NovAtel's choice of the auto- motive-quality ASIL-capable Teseo APP to integrate with their GNSS positioning engine is enabling them to de velop a world-class s afety- critical positioning offering to the automotive industr y," said Anto- nio Radaelli, Director, Infotainment Business Unit, STMicroelectronics. NovAtel technology continues to be an integral part of the connected and autonomous car ecosystems, including academic research, industry develop- ment, and real-life applications. The company's automotive positioning solution includes automotive GNSS antenna technology, GNSS/INS posi- tioning engine, and global correc- tion services. Early results from the Teseo V demonstration platform are available now. To learn more, visit: high-capability systems and wanted to join forces with a professional GNSS manufacturer that could support the precision and reliability needs of their customers, said Howard Loewen, President of MicroPilot. Trimble is a leader in this category and will be able to support MicroPilot cus- tomers with product development, testing and operations. Trimble's GNSS receivers are used for many applications, including robotics and autonomous vehicle guidance. "We'll benefit from better tech- nical support and better access to their technical team and vice versa," Loewen said. "We'll be able to take better advantage of all the features Trimble products have to offer." Qianxun SI Partnering with u-blox u-blox and Qianxun Spatial Intel- ligence Inc. are joining forces to deliver high precision positioning solutions to the Chinese market. By coordinating their product offerings, they seek to meet growing demand for increased positioning accuracy for mass market applications. Some of the areas driving up demand for high precision position- ing services in China are IoT tracking devices such as those used on shared bikes, as well as automotive, UAV, and robotic vehicle applications. u-blox is bringing to the partner- ship its market-leading high precision GNSS receivers. Its recently announced u-blox F9 multi-band position- ing platform (https://www.u-blox. com/en/high-precision-positioning) uses integrated real-time kinematic (RTK) technology to process the high precision positioning correc- tion data provided by Qianxun SI, delivering down to centimeter-level positioning accuracy for wide-ranging applications. It enables even faster and more robust performance by leveraging a greater variety of GNSS signals, according to the companies. Two major advancements have enabled sub-meter-level positioning accuracy for mass market applica- tions. e first is modern GNSS correction services that constantly monitor GNSS signals to deter- mine positioning errors caused, for example, by atmospheric distor- tions, and wirelessly transmit cor- rection data to compensate for these errors to millions of GNSS devices. e second is a new generation of small, power-efficient, and afford- able GNSS receivers that are able to use the correction data to achieve such high levels of accuracy. Qianxun SI, a global high preci- sion positioning service provider, has already laid the groundwork for the large-scale expansion of high precision positioning in the IoT era. Based on the BeiDou satellite sys- tem, which is compatible with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, the high pre- cision positioning service is built on the nationwide "ONE Network".

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